As there are no grocery stores on Daufuskie Island, except for a very small general store with a very limited array of items, some grocery shopping planning is necessary before you ferry over to Daufuskie Island. To start, you may want to grocery shop on Hilton Head Island with its many large grocery stores and specialty shops. A list of those stores along with addresses and phone numbers are provided for your convenience should you wish to contact them. The embarkation point/ferry dock address is also shown should you care to use Map Quest.
Daufuskie Island General Store offers basic groceries 

Helpful Hints

  1. Give yourself plenty of time to shop on Hilton Head Island and then reach the ferry dock and unload, park and get the ferry tickets you reserved.
  2. Purchase inexpensive styrofoam coolers at the super market or bring your own coolers. The styrofoam coolers with ice and the lid taped down will keep items cold during the one hour trip on the ferry and the possibility of another hour before the groceries are delivered to your front door along with your baggage.
  3. Put the name of your property on your coolers or its address to insure it is delivered correctly. Placing just your name on the coolers will not be of any value to the person delivering your groceries.
  4. At the ferry dock, pull right up to the luggage unloading area. Your luggage and your groceries will be tagged with your final destination. Your groceries will be placed in a box or bin suited for grocery bags/plastic.
  5. A mid-stay trip to Hilton Head Island to restock may be required but keep in mind you will need a round trip ticket which costs $26.00 each.

Food and supplies in Daufuskie Island grocery

Grocery Services
An entirely different approach to grocery shopping is to engage a grocery service to purchase all your groceries for you and deliver them to your Daufuskie vacation destination.
Should you decide to enlist their services, be prepared for substitutions of the food items requested. Depending on your order and the deliveries for that day, you could find your groceries delivered before your arrival, however this cannot be guaranteed.
Also be prepared to pay a premium for this service for not only do you pay for the service but also the three hours or more travel time – 2 hours on the ferry round trip & delivery time on Daufuskie Island and the $26.00 passenger fare.

Grocery Stores
Harris Teeter 301 Main Street Hilton Head Island, SC 843-689-6255
Publix 45 Pembroke Drive Hilton Head Island, SC 843-689-9977

Grocery Delivery Services
Tri-Une Corporation
Office: 843-686-6330?
Toll Free: 1-877-686-6330

Carolyn Orchid’s Daufuskie Kitchen?
Home: 843-341-5740
Cell: 843-384-2618

Hopper Shopper
Office: 843-290-3191

Embarkation Center Hilton Head Island (Ferry Departure Point)
10 Simmons Rd
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926
To make your reservations, please call 843-785-8242