Daufuskie Island

Daufuskie Island

Daufuskie Island Golf Course

Daufuskie Island takes you back to a simpler time, peaceful, calm and quiet, where the concerns, stress and rigors of daily life disappear almost magically. The transformation begins once you’re yon the ferry, crossing over from Hilton Head Island, which is a brief 50-minute ride. Seeing the dolphins, egrets, pelicans, oyster beds and shrimp boats are a wonderful wake up call; this is not your daily commute. You have begun an invigorating adventure for the mind and soul.

Once you step foot on Daufuskie Island you are immediately greeted with the visual delight of a lush semi-tropical island. The high tide reaches deep into the salt marsh, glistening in the afternoon sun along the dock. The oaks are covered in moss and quiet lanes drift through the forest. The Daufuskie Island adventure is made all the more unique and exciting, as the basic mode of transportation is the golf cart. Exploring the Island in the rented four-seater golf cart will be a fond memory of this exotic vacation. Be on the lookout for the island’s many deer, eagles and hawks soaring overhead that contribute to making this island a type of real world Disney Land.

Don’t look for crowds, congestion, lines or traffic. You won’t find it on Daufuskie Island. Instead you will discover beaches where you might find you are the only ones enjoying the splendor of a beach that appears to be your own. From the beach, view the Sea Pines Plantation with its Harbour Town Lighthouse or Tybee Island off the shores of Savannah Georgia.

Daufuskie Island offers the amazing opportunity to reconnect with spouse, family and friends in a way that few vacation destinations can offer. The kids can explore and return with their beach treasures. The restful days offer the time to really re-bond with family and friends. But, adventure is around every corner as you explore the island, so every day offers the promise of new, exciting discoveries.

The cottages, villas and homes are all furnished and equipped with your comfort and enjoyment in mind. Complete kitchens, wonderful great rooms, porches in many cases, fabulous bedrooms, exciting views of the ocean or golf courses are all set in an environment of adventure and simplicity. Come to Daufuskie Island to rejuvenate, reconnect and relax.